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A fast thinking progressive who is leading the fore front of innovation in the fields of education and talent knowledge base. Jeff is well known for his creative mind and innovative style to approaching gaps in the marketplace. His story of sturt up ventures, constant request for speaking engagements and active schedule of training and development programs has gaind Jeff the respect as a innovative edutech leader in todays landscape.

Always looking to push boundries Jess is paving the way in innovative ideas and strategies across the spectrum. With only opportunity in the horizon Jeff’s set on the future teaching others the art of getting Futher Faster.


E.I. Research

Emotionalintelligence (EI), or sometimes referred to as a person’s EQ (emotional quotient), is an essential skill to thrive in today’s workforce. Understanding what motivates you and those around you, putting yourself in others’ shoes through empathy, social skills, self-awareness and control have much to do with personal and professional success. For leaders and companies, more frequent positive business outcomes and business performance come from companies with an emotionally intelligence workforce. More specifically, an emotionally intelligent workforce is a more innovative workforce. The more empathetic, socially aware, and collaborative… the better equipped they are to be able to solve the toughest problems put in front of them. No matter the technological advancements which continue to come our way, the emotionally intelligent human aspect of work will always be needed.

Psychology Today four part article on Leading in the Real World - Ethical Influence, Persuasion, and Manipulation
TEDx Presentation on The Co-existence of Sacrifice and Self-Stewardship
• The Sustainability of Nonprofit Leaders: Principles and Practices that Encourage and Restore Personal Wellbeing and Professional Effectiveness

Closing the tech gap

With the continual permeation of AI, RPA, IOT and other fast-moving digital transformation concentrations like cloud and cybersecurity, the human capital side of innovation needs to move just as fast. The use of traditional paths to finding, keeping, and growing tech talent has created a gap. The expanse is wide, not just across skillsets, but there is a widening gap of those who understand the industry in which they work. In addition, companies must recognize the importance of an increasingly emotionally intelligent workforce. New models have emerged to narrow the gap, from upskilling to reskilling, cross-training and targeted hiring, but none as innovative as my most recent effort: Talent Path. We have become experts in solutions which combat the tech talent skills gap and continue to provide solutions to university partners, corporations, and of course individuals.

Inc. Magazine: 'Struggling to Find the Perfect Job Candidate? How to Overcome the Vicious Circle of' Experience Inflation'
WSJ’s CIO Journal: Recruiter Offers Different Path for IT Internships
CIO.com: How to assess soft skills before you hire

Innovation Education

Are innovators born or made? It’s true that some individuals are wired to break barriers and vision ideas ahead of their time, but for the rest of the population there is certainly hope. Innovation can be taught… not just the tools used or the process of innovation, but the personal adaptations to grow individuals, teams, companies and governments into innovative entities. The techniques are new, with immersive learning environments, hackathons, design thinking and innovation sprints, but the skills of problem-solving, creativity, collaboration have always been there. It takes innovative companies and academic institutions to realize they need a course in innovation offered to their constituents, but once the decision is made the floodgates open and the response is overwhelming.

Houston Innovation Hub Unveils First Academic Partnership
• Nine ways The Citadel encourages innovation and BADM705
Founding Academic Director of the Master of Science in Management and Entrepreneurship

Entre and Intrapreneurship

We all know and love the famous entrepreneurs whose inventions and companies have enriched our society, some of which not only pioneered their product spaces but did it all on their own. Those, however, are few in number as most successful startups and new ventures had a team of advisors, investors, and collaborators which proved invaluable to them along their growth journey. The truly hidden heroes are the intrapreneurs, employee entrepreneurs who have been recognized inside their company as a truly valuable force. Neither the entre or intrapreneur can survive without the proper advisement, support, development, and resources… which are easy to find but hard to get.

Texas Medical Center News Innovation Profile – Building a Culture of Innovation p.22
The Future of Healthcare Collaboration – An Intrapraneurship Example
Ektron Synergy Keynote – Intrapraneurship in HigherEd


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