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Dr. Jeff Frey is a fast-thinking progressive who is leading the forefront of innovation in the fields of technology and education. Well known for his creative mind and innovative style to approaching gaps in the market, Dr. Frey's entrepreneurial story with start-up ventures, requests for speaking engagements, and active schedule of training and development programs has gained him respect in the diverse landscapes of digital transformation, business strategy, and emotional intelligence.

Always looking to push boundaries, Dr. Frey is paving the way to rediscovering the human aspect of technology through his practitioner and academic efforts and the FutherFaster motto.

recent recognition

• Member of the Houston2036 Taskforce for Education Equity
• Named MBA Professor of the Year at The Citadel
• 3 year old cofounded new venture Talent Path recently acquired
• Co-author of Workforce Realigned: How New Partnerships Are Advancing Economic Mobility - see Chapter 12
• 4 Part Series in Psychology Today on "Ethical Influence and Manipulation" by leaders
• "The Remote Learning Revolution: Why Every Company Should Master The Art Of Online Development" in Forbes
• "The Future Of Work" at HR.com
• "How to assess soft skills before you hire" with CIO Magazine
• "Integrating Experience into Education" featured in Training Industry Magazine
• "Recruiter Offers Different Path for IT Internships"  WSJ Article on Talent Path
• "Struggling to Find the Perfect Job Candidate? How to Overcome the Vicious Circle of 'Experience Inflation" at Inc. Magazine


FurtherFaster is a motto, a movement, a way of life... and it is helping businesses and professionals reach their full innovative potential with lasting success. It focuses on the emotional intelligence needed to engage in today digital transformation, emerging technology, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurism, remote work, and innovative education and employment shifts. FurtherFaster cultivates emotionally intelligent workforces who embrace new ideas, adapt to technology, and engage in research and development efforts with industry-leading results.

From personal development to digital transformations FurtherFaster techniques have successfully transformed ideas into game-changing enterprises.

Always looking for a challenge and living with an insatiable appetite for collaboration with progressives, Dr. Frey wants to introduce you to the FurtherFaster way.

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Dr. Jeff Frey is available for speaking, presenting, educational, and consulting engagements. His FurtherFaster leadership presentations and cross topic keynote speeches have transformed personal and professional lives.

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